Which Soap Should I Choose?

I make four basic variations of my soap: unscented, fragrance, essential oil, and fragrance with healthy stuff. If you are new to goat milk soap then you are in for a treat. It has absolutely no smell of goat milk (of course) and instead is what you should expect from a premium soap. Many experts consider goat milk soap to be the most luxurious soap because of how wonderful it feels and cleans.


My unscented soap is natural and additive free. It does not include any scented oils (fragrance), essential oils or any other additives. It is just pure goat milk soap. This is the soap for those who have sensitive skin, skin allergies or just prefer pure & natural products. Goat milk soap is naturally gentle on your skin. Of course, the soap still has a very pleasant scent, but it is the natural scent from the oils in the soap. The soap also has color, but it is the natural color of the ingredients.


My fragrance soap is based on the same recipe as my natural soap. Plus each fragrance soap also includes a scented oil for those that like the deodorizing effect of scented soap. Most people when they buy soap like to pick it up, raise it to their nose and see what it smells like. The smell is deodorizing, invigorating and makes you feel clean. I offer a variety of popular scents. Also note that these soaps vary in color, but not from any dye. I don’t add any dyes to my soaps. The coloring is natural from the scented oil. During the curing period the coloring gradually appears. Over time the coloring will continue to change a little. This is all part of the natural cold process for making soap.

Essential Oil

Finally, I offer goat milk soap with essential oils. Essential oils offer many benefits through aromatherapy and body fortification. I don’t post the specific benefits of the various essential oils, but all essential oils contribute to aromatherapy and other properties. There are many resources on the internet that explain the benefits of each essential oil. The essential oils I use are of the highest quality, therapeutic grade. This is why they cost more. If there is an essential oil soap that you’d love to see, let me know!


I also offer fragrance soaps with some healthy additives. These soaps are the same as the fragrance soap, plus carefully chosen additives selected for their healthy properties. The additives also serve as a carrier to maintain the scent longer. I use additives like oat & honey, chocolate (yes, real chocolate), coconut flour and almond flour. When there are such additives, they are clearly in the soap’s name. The healthy additives themselves are good for your skin. Plus the additives also act as a carrier for the fragrance to help it last longer.

Don’t See What You Want?

If you don’t see the fragrance, essential oil, or healthy additive that you want, please email me and let me know. It takes at least 30 days to cure the soap, so you will have to wait for any special orders, but it is worth it!

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