Pineapple Fragrance & Coconut Flour Goat Milk Soap


Handmade, cold-processed goat milk soap with Pineapple fragrance oil and coconut flour.


Premium cold processed, goat milk soap. Plus Pineapple fragrance oil and coconut flour. The unique soap produces luscious lather. Each soap is hand made using raw milk from our own goats to ensure quality and purity.

Sweet, juicy and tropical! A tantalizing blend of citrus top notes, and sweet fruits and sugared base notes. At first sniff, mandarin, pineapple and coconut palms open this bright fragrance. Mid notes of papaya guava and pomegranate are rounded out with a base of sugarcane, sandalwood and cypress. This fragrance will be a favorite for any fruit lover.

This soap has real coconut flour in it. This is made from the coconut ‘meat’ after extraction of coconut oil. It is highly absorbent and also has fine exfoliating properties. It contains trace minerals, vitamin C and other anti-oxidants. Rose petals offer many benefits to the skin.


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