Fragrance Free Goat Milk Soap

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Hand made, goat milk soap without fragrance or anything else. Just wonderful soap.

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Premium unscented cold processed, goat milk soap. Made with all of the same ingredients as our other goat milk soaps but without any fragrance, without any essential oils and without any other additives. Just real soap goodness. This soap is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin that needs or wants to avoid fragrances, essential oils and other additives and produces luscious lather. Each soap is hand made using raw milk from our own goats to ensure quality and purity.

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Raw goat milk, almond oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, palm oil, lye.



2 reviews for Fragrance Free Goat Milk Soap

  1. Bette

    I just washed my hair again with your yummy soap. I wash it once a week with your soap and love the results. It makes my hair soft. In fact, it makes my hair so soft that I have to use another product in between or my hair just lies flat because it is so soft. But that’s o.k. because, when I use your soap, I don’t need to use a conditioner. My scalp doesn’t dry out from your soap like it does regular shampoo.

    I also use it to wash my face. I love it for that, too. It cleans really well, but doesn’t make my face feel dry like other cleansers sometimes do,

    I looked at your website and see that there are so many flavors available. I’ll bet you have more than anyone else!

    Also, loved seeing your picture with the baby goat. Looking good!

    I like to give your soap to people for gifts. I know that I’m giving them something that smells nice and is good for them, too.

    Thanks for providing such a good product.

  2. Sarah R Tolman

    This soap is amazing. I am highly sensitive to scents, even some essential oils. My skin also tends to dry out and chafe with frequent washings. With this soap I have no allergic reactions and my skin stays soft. I highly recommend this as a gift for the person who likes nice gifts but struggles with the fragrances of commercial products like Bath and Body.

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