Goat Milk Soap

Why Raw Goat Milk Soap

How are other soaps made? With water.

Raw goat milk contains alpha hydroxy acids which can help remove dead cells from the skin, high fat content which can help hydrate the skin, and vitamins A and B2 which offers additional benefits to the skin. I don’t really understand any of that. But if you have not tried high quality goat milk soap, you need to. It just feels nice, really nice.

The raw goat milk in my soap comes from ​my goats. Raw means that the milk is not treated or pasteurized or heated. I do filter it (and you want me to). When there is extra milk I drink it.

My mom milks our goats every day, often twice a day. They are a lot of work to care for. I help her sometimes. When the mama goats dry up then they have to have more babies. I love to hold the babies and watch them bounce around. They are very tame and playful. Most of my goats are mini-manchas that appear to be without ears. Sometimes I have too many goats and I sell them.

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