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Goat Milk Shaving Soap Tips

Here are some tips on shaving–particularly for shaving with goat milk shaving soap. I (Levi’s Dad) have thick stubble after just a couple days. If you have less stubble than me, some of this advice might be overkill. Hope my tips are useful!

  • Don’t shave your whole face at once. Instead, divide your face into sections. The shaving cream from goat milk shaving soap is not as stable as shaving cream from the store. You might not be able to shave your entire face before the cream breaks down. So I shave my face in four sections: one cheek, my chin, above my lips (which happens to be below my nose), and then the other cheek.
  • Shave twice. If you have thick stubble like me it is pretty difficult to shave your entire face in one pass. Do the best you can in your first pass and then cleanup the difficult spots on your second pass. This is especially true if you have gone a few days without shaving. On my first pass, I generally shave with the grain (downward strokes), and some against it on the difficult spots. On my second pass, I shave against the grain (upward strokes) to get a close final shave.
  • If you can, shave every day. It makes shaving a lot easier, and you might not have to shave twice to do a good job. I don’t do this very well, but when I do this shaving is simpler.
  • Before shaving, fill your sink with some cold water. Before you start, rinse your face with the cold water and especially rinse your razor so that the blade is nice and cold. A cold blade seems to feel better for me.
  • When you are done shaving, clean the razor blade very thoroughly and dry it well before putting it away. If you store the razor blade wet or dirty, the edge will oxidize and become dull much sooner. The oxidation is not visible but trust me it is there. A well cleaned and dried razor will last a long time. I learned this from some student experiments in a Corrosion Engineering class many years ago.
  • For the same reason, store the razor in a dry place–definitely not in the shower or anywhere it will get wet or dirty incidentally.
  • Getting the goat milk shaving cream texture right is important. Here is shaving cream with too little water. The texture should not so thick that it is sticky.
This is too thick. Add more water and use the brush to create the right texture.

Here is shaving cream with too much water. You don’t want suds like when you wash your hands. You want a thick cream.

This is too thin and has too many large suds. Use less water next time. Remove some watery suds and brush in more soap.

Here is the shaving cream just right! You are looking for the same basic texture as the shaving cream in a can, which should not be surprising.

A nice texture for shaving

Have more tips to share? Comment and less us know!