I loves animals. When I grow up, I want to be a farmer. I love balloons, chap-stick, animals (especially dogs,  horses and baby goats), hats, fidget gadgets, fishing, trampolines and balloons (yes, mentioned twice for emphasis).

Note from my parents:

Levi is loved and special to all who meet him. He has AHC and Prader Willi Syndrome but he hasn’t let his ‘special needs’ stop him. The picture to the right is Levi during a recent AHC episode that put him down and in a wheel chair for a little while. These episodes happen periodically and seemingly random. Normally Levi is very active, loves biking and zooming around on his push scooter. This business is Levi’s parents way of supporting him and his dreams. Money from this business helps Levi, his little farm and his other big dreams.

He has a big heart and smile and a special bond with animals and people that is hard to describe. You have to meet him to understand. Thank you for supporting Levi and his little farm of dreams. ​

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